Welcome to the Suwanee Creek Chapter, NSDAR

The Suwanee Creek Chapter, NSDAR, was organized and chartered on October 8th, 2011, with 13 organizing members.  The chapter was named after the Suwanee Creek that runs three miles southwest of current downtown Suwanee, Georgia.  A large Indian village flourished along the banks of the Suwanee Creek hundreds of years prior to the establishment of the town of Suwanee in 1871.  Suwanee Creek runs into the nearby Chattahoochee River and it is believed that trails from many directions led to this old village.

There was a band of Shawnee Indians that moved from the Savannah River area and settled along the Chattahoochee River, about the time of the American Revolution.  This group of Shawnee lived peacefully with the neighboring Cherokee Indians. The white settler’s village, Suwanee Old Town got its name from the Indian tribe.  Various accounts state that “Suwanee” was the white settlers’ way of saying “Shawnee.” 

The settlement is shown on maps indicating that land was ceded to the U.S. government by the Cherokees in 1817 and the Creeks in 1818.  Suwanee Old Town became the city of Suwanee in 1871 when the construction of a depot for the Southern Railroad was completed.

Suwanee Creek is sentimental in that it reflects the early location and success of the Indian settlements in the area that many of the organizing members call home.  Today the Suwanee Creek Greenway and Park meander across four miles of wooded areas, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. This passive recreation area contains 400 acres of parkland and an 85 acre Suwanee Creek Park which remains mostly in its natural condition much like it was back in the 18th century.